Saturday, 20 January 2018

28mm Napoleonic Spanish Grenadiers

28mm Napoleonic Spanish Grenadiers painted by Mary @ A Brush too Far

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

28mm War 1812 Customers Figures on game table

One of our regulars Brush Too Far customers sent us some photos of his recently based figures so we thought we would share them with you all. If any one else would like to send us pics of their based figures please email them to us and we will post them on the blog.

28mm AWI Militia

28mm AWI Militia painted by Jono @ A Brush too Far

28mm AWI Loyalists of Ireland

28mm AWI Loyalists of Ireland painted by Jono @ A Brush too Far

28mm AWI Sherbournes' Continentals

28mm AWI Sherbournes' Continentals painted by Jono @ A Brush too Far

28mm AWI Orange Rangers

28mm AWI Orange Rangers painted by Jono @ A Brush too Far

Friday, 29 September 2017

Price Rises Comng Soon

Yes, it is unfortunate but for the first time since we commenced the business 10 years ago we are having to raise our painting prices. We have held off for as long as possible but the increasing cost in paint and brushes and the cost of living means that at its current rates per figure, A Brush Too Far, is no longer sustainable and we either raise our prices or close shop.

The price rise will commence for ALL new commissions made after the 1st of November. Existing agreements for figures that you have already sent to us or we have purchased for you will be honoured.

The new prices are listed below:
                                      6mm                10mm            15mm             20mm/1.72scale          25/28mm
Infantry/Gunners           £0.45               £0.68             £1.12                £1.80                           £2.25
Cavalry                          £0.73               £1.12             £1.80                 £2.70                          £3.38
Guns/Limbers               £0.34               £0.50              £1.12                 £2.25                          £3.38
Unmounted horse          £0.28               £0.45             £0.68                 £0.90                         £1.12
Tanks/Trucks                £1.12              £1.68              £2.25                 £5.05                          £6.75

Too have figures Based add 5% to cost.